Technical Rider

With over 20 years of experience and hundreds of shows under our belts, the DYNAM!CS have delivered top flight entertainment to a variety of corporate, private, civic and event clients.   We want every event to be the best possible experience for organizers, audience and the band.


One very important ingredient to ensure success is to make sure the backline (sound sytem, staging and lighting) is up to the task.


The Dynam!cs have played venues as big as the Commodore Ballroom and the World Trade and Convention Centre, and as small as an intimate show in a Shaugnessy private home.  Over the years, we have worked with numerous sound and lighting contractors and we have a preferred list of sound and lighting contractors we can count on to to deliver first rate production.


In our experience, most event organizers prefer to have the DYNAM!CS organize the production, but please note that costs associated with production are payable directly to the sound contractor, and are not the responsibility of the DYNAM!CS.


Should the client wish to source their own production backline, please read the following  technical rider.


Preferred stage size: 16’ deep x 24’ wide, 18” in height, including an 8’ deep x 24’ wide rear riser.  If rear riser is not available, please notify the band, and we will provide same.

Individual stage sections MUST be firmly bolted together to eliminate movement during performance.  Stages above 18 inches high should also include stairs/ramp.

Stage Power

A minimum of 2 isolated 20-amp or 3 isolated 15-amp circuits dropped along rear of stage. 

Lighting Power

Basic stage lighting provided by The DYNAM!CS will require 2 additional isolated 20-amp circuits within 25 feet of the front of the stage.

PA Power

The basic PA system provided by The DYNAM!CS will require 3 isolated 20-amp or 4 isolated 15-amp circuits.

Green Room

The band requires a secure room with a table and 9 chairs for breaks, and storage of personal effects.  Bottled water and appropriate refreshments and snacks are appreciated.

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